u dont actually need to read this but I luv my bf

I’ve been dating Nagi since 3/19/16! we met irl on 6/15/16 and I’m going to be meeting up with him again this summer on 6/21/17 ! He’s gonna spend two weeks with me its gonna be fucking wonderful. I’m lucky as hell.

I am 100% sure that nagi is my soulmate. I’ve dated him in a few past lives and I’m glad to be with him again in this life.

I’ve known nagi for about two years now he’s so important to me. He’s my reason to live and my source of happiness and I’d do anything for him he is the most amazing person I have ever met and I love him so much. he’s my angel and I’m looking forward to the rest of my life thanks to him. I can’t wait for us to grow up and live together in vancouver with our cats (their names are gonna be zelda, link, coriander and nefertem!) sorry thats gay what the actual fuck what is this damn ass fucking gay damn ass sappy bullshit. 

also we are the irl karmagisa its canon boys.

There is so Much to love about nagi ok listen. Listen. I wish you all could see how bright and wonderful his smile is and i wish you could all hear how sweet his laugh it it cured my depression. He loves edgar allan poe so much its his special interest and I love it when he talks about it. He really likes chocolate pretzels and sushi and I wanna buy him all the choco pretzels and sushi in the world. His eyes are so pretty and his hair is soft and cute thank god. Also have I mentioned that hes super smart i’m so proud of him. LISTEN GUYS, so he really likes the “ponyo loves ____” meme and I honestly think its the cutest thing he gets so happy about it and it makes my day. I skype him so much its my favorite thing to do. One time I skyped him for 42 hours straight goddamn that was a good time. actually we’re currently skyping and he’s sleeping and hearing him breath is really calming i can’t wait to hear that every night and i can’t wait to hear his heartbeat as well. ALSO, he blushes so easily its adorable he’s adorable. Hes just. so lovable and kind to me and I just love seeing him happy and I love hearing about the things he’s interested in.